3 Important Signs Your Security Is Not Working Properly

The use of our security camera has substantially improved the safety and security of our home. There are times when we wonder if the device is even working!

Expert locksmiths of 10003 say this is a matter of concern as the surveillance camera stays attached to the wall without making a single movement. There is hardly anyone who can say the camera is working or not. To make sure they are surveilling our property we have to check the recent footage.

But there are instances when the camera does not work at all. None of us can guess the issue and some major mishap might take place on our property. It is because of this reason; the blog holds a few instances where we can know the camera is not working properly. Let us read more to see what they are –

DVR Inspection

A digital video recorder allows the camera to record a series of footage. These clippings are stored in the hard drive of our camera. Hire a locksmith in 10003 who has expertise in handling surveillance cameras. They will patch through every camera to see if there is anything recorded. When no such thing is visible, you will know the camera is not working.

Electronic Detectors

Professionals will know if the cameras are working or not with this special device. A surveillance camera works by giving out a small cue. The cue is picked by the detector to tell you if they are working or not.

Look for Infrared Rays

This is a simple way of knowing the functionality of your camera. Look for bright red circles of light dotting around the lens of your camera. They are visible during the night. If the light does not glow, your camera is not working.

We hope by knowing these reasons you will be able to know if the camera is working or not. Consult a locksmith in 10003 for more details!