Door Locks Where Locksmith Can’t Open

What should you do if your door lock is jammed and a locksmith can’t get it open? The problem can be one of many things, including a damaged doorknob or a jammed lock spring. There are some simple solutions you can try yourself to get your door unlocked, including using a hairdryer to warm up the keyhole. If these solutions don’t work, you may need to call a locksmith to help you.

The most common cause of door lock problems is a broken key. This can result in the key becoming unable to turn and the lock is unable to respond to the key. While a locksmith can cut a new key, a trained individual can remove a broken one without damaging the lock. If the broken key is stuck inside the lock, you should spray some lubricant onto it to get the mechanism unblocked.

Another way to open a door that a locksmith can’t open is to disassemble the lock from its hinges. To disassemble the doorknob, insert a flathead screwdriver into the hole in the stem and lift it. This will cause the door knob to release. To open a door with a lock that can’t be opened, you can also use a small amount of graphite powder to pry it open.

If your lock is too difficult to open, you can also try using bobby pins. Some bobby pins have rubber tips that prevent the cylinder from turning. These pins will be twisted to the point where they can push up the lock pins. Once you have the pins jiggled enough, you can use them to unlock the door. When you get a key, you can insert it into the lock. This will turn the bolt, which will open the door.

There are many reasons why your door lock won’t open. Some problems may be caused by a poorly-cut key, or a broken lock cylinder. In such cases, the locksmith will need to inspect the lock and make recommendations for replacement or repair. The best thing to do is to call a reputable locksmith to solve your problem. You can even try to force the lock open yourself. When you can’t get inside, use a spare key instead.

Another way to get into a home or car is to use your credit or debit card. If you don’t have a key, you can use your credit card to push the bolt in the door. But beware of deadbolt locks and other high-security doors; they won’t be easily opened with a credit card. And if you are unable to locate the key in your home, you can try a bypass shim to slide between the locked door and the frame.