How Does a Locksmith Make a Key?

how does a locksmith make a key

One question that many people have is how does a locksmith make a key? This article will provide you with an answer to that question. There are several steps involved in the process, and it is worth reading the full instructions before you attempt to copy the procedure yourself. Here are some of the steps that go into making a key, and how to avoid some of the mistakes. Hopefully, you’ll find the following information useful.

Depending on the lock, a locksmith may use one of several different methods to make a key. The easiest way is to cut a key to code, but this is not feasible for every type of lock. In order to make a key for a specific lock, a locksmith will need to know the code. There are two main types of codes: bitting and blind. The locksmith will use the code to create a key.

Another way a locksmith creates a key is by recutting an old one. A key blank is a blank that has been filed down. The locksmith will then file down the blank to make it the correct size for the lock. During the process of making a key, the cheap locksmith will also be able to use other tools, including files. A Pippin file is the best for shaping key blank cuts because it has a flat and rounded section.

The next step in a locksmith’s process is to use a tool known as a file. This will be inserted into the lock. When you’ve done that, place the key blank inside the lock. Mark the pins or wafers on the blank so you can see where to make the cuts. Then, use whatever techniques are necessary to make the key fit into the lock. And remember to use a good quality file.

Once you’ve determined the key size and style, a locksmith can cut it to the proper length and width. The locksmith can then use the tool to make a duplicate of it or a new one from scratch. To do this, the locksmith will use a scope and a special machine called a saw. The scope will allow him to make the key without damaging the lock itself. This process takes a little while, but the end result is a key that’s perfect every time.

When making duplicate keys, the locksmith will use a tool known as a key duplicator. To make a duplicate of a key, a locksmith will place the original key on the blade side and a blank key on the alignment tool side. The key duplicator will align the two keys and will usually cost between five and fifteen dollars. The key should be as close to the original as possible.

Once the key is made, the locksmith will disassemble the lock to extract the pins. After this step, he will use special tools to take the necessary measurements. Once he has taken the measurements, he will reassemble the lock by lining up the tabs on the back of the tumbler. Then the spindle will be inserted into the lock. The lock will then be placed back on the door.