How Does a Locksmith Make a New Car Key?

how does a locksmith make a new car key

There is a simple procedure that will enable a locksmith to create a new car key. Locksmiths use software to decode the code from a vehicle’s lock, which tells them how to cut the key. Locksmiths can also obtain a key code by using third-party companies. Regardless of the method used, the process is highly specialised. It should not be attempted by an amateur locksmith, who can easily cause further damage.

The process involves cutting the metal that is used in the ignition open a lock of the car. For this process, a high-tech key-cutting machine is used. The metal is loaded manually into the machine, and a code reader reads the car identification code. The machine then begins biting away the metal in order to create the key’s pattern. The locksmith may have to make several attempts to make the key just right.

The locksmith will need the VIN number from the car, which is usually found on the dashboard or driver’s door. This information is crucial for ensuring the key is identical to the original. Another important part of the process is the programming of the new key. A professional locksmith will know which type of car key is needed. Most car models have an immobilizer system. Therefore, it is important to take your car to a locksmith with the required knowledge and experience.

A new car key will usually take around 10 to 30 minutes to be made. The timeframe depends on the complexity of the transponder system and the type of key. The process is quick and easy, but it should be done by a professional. If you do it yourself, you risk the risk of damaging the vehicle. A professional locksmith can quickly provide you with a spare key. The process will only take a few minutes if you’ve been in an accident or had a stolen key.

There are two basic types of car keys that locksmiths work with. The first type is those without fobs. Duplicate keys are quite straightforward and are the same as a house key. The second type is more complex. Many car keys now contain transponder chips and a unique code that has to be programmed into them. It is important to have the vehicle’s VIN number and key code before a locksmith can make a new key.

A locksmith can also make keys for any type of lock. The main difference between a locksmith and a service like KeyMe is their pricing. A locksmith will charge more than a typical car dealership, but the service will be well worth it. If you are not comfortable paying a locksmith to program a new key for you, a key maker will be happy to provide you with one. You can also save money if you opt for a locksmith service.

Auto locksmith should only use high-quality tools and equipment when creating a new car key. The automotive locksmith should be familiar with the model of your car, so you can choose the correct tool for the job. If you have a transponder or fob, the locksmith will have to program it accordingly. The local locksmith should be able to program it if it’s necessary. If it’s not, you can try a transponder-equipped car key instead.