How Much Does a Locksmith Make on Reddit?

how much does a locksmith make reddit

If you’re wondering how much a locksmith makes, read this article. Locksmiths spend years learning their craft. They deserve more than a lowly teenager at a fast food joint. There are other factors that determine the pay for locksmiths as well. Here’s a breakdown of these factors. It may surprise you. Read on to find out how much a locksmith makes on Reddit!

When it comes to pay, a locksmith can be incredibly lucrative. While locksmith pay is generally low, it’s often increasing thanks to good tools and experience. Most locksmiths don’t pick locks, but they do install them, repair broken ones, rekey cylinders, and cut keys. The pay isn’t particularly exciting, but it’s far more intellectually stimulating than other tradesman jobs.

Traditionally, the residential locksmith industry has suffered. Many home centers sell locks cheaper than distributors, and rekeying is no longer an expensive task. While residential locksmiths used to be the bread and butter of the industry, today the bulk of their profits come from commercial hardware. Locksmiths can even get a license to install alarms and access controls. And in some states, locksmiths can earn more money as an alarm installer.