How Much for Lost Mazda Protege Ignition Key Locksmith

If you’ve misplaced your Mazda protege ignition key, you can still run your car. This car is capable of running without keys, but the situation can be even worse if you’ve lost them. Fortunately, there are several ways to replace these keys. While you can find replacements at the local hardware store, a locksmith may be more suitable for your specific needs. In some cases, your only option may be to take your Mazda to a dealership.

The first step to recovering your car’s key is to locate it. The car’s security system will help protect you from opportunity thieves, but it won’t help you if you’ve lost it. Fortunately, there are some workarounds for keys that only have one transponder chip. Place the transponder chip on a small piece of tape and attach it to the ignition lock. This should work for most keys.

Another option is to use an Old Fashioned Key. The Mazda Protege and RX7 had Old Fashioned Keys. These were designated by X131 or MZ13. You can also use an Old Fashioned Key in the RX7 or RX8. You can get one of these by visiting the Mazda website. You can also call your local Mazda dealership or dealer for assistance.

The price for a new Mazda Protege ignition key can range from $129 to $141. This price will depend on the location you live in and the level of expertise of the locksmith. The dealership will charge around 10% of the cost of a locksmith’s service. But you may have to pay more if you need to tow your car and program the key. If you need the service outside of business hours, you can find a locksmith who offers roadside assistance.

Another option is to call a mobile locksmith. Oftentimes, the ignition key will not turn in a cylinder because it is too dirty or has fallen out of the lock cylinder. In these cases, you can call a locksmith to clean out the ignition, replace the lock cylinder, or re-key the car. If all else fails, you can always call a mechanic or a car rental company to help you.