How Much is a Locksmith Charge for Car?

How much does a locksmith charge to unlock a car door? Depending on what services are required and how much work is involved, a trained locksmith can charge anywhere from $50 to $250. Fortunately, these prices include the service call fee as well as any tools or equipment required to open a car. Regardless of the complexity of the job, it is important to hire a professional locksmith for your car lockouts.

Using roadside assistance may be included in your insurance policy or premium credit card. AAA, for instance, covers the cost of a locksmith up to $50 or $150. Many roadside assistance companies, however, will only travel within a certain radius, so you’ll need to pay a premium to get outside the service area. Another option is to call a locksmith during off-peak hours. This will help you avoid the peak time rush hour price of a locksmith.

While getting a spare key is simple, you may want to have another one available. Getting duplicate keys is relatively cheap for regular house keys, but if you have a transponder key, it will cost you $75 to $400. The cost of a car key can vary depending on the type of key you need. However, a locksmith can charge you less for a simple house key if the car already has a transponder.

Always check for a locksmith’s license before hiring him or her. Unlicensed locksmiths often use bait and switch tactics, quoting a low price over the phone, only to charge you more once they arrive. You might end up paying more than necessary. You can also risk causing additional damage to your car by choosing an unlicensed locksmith. Make sure that your locksmith is licensed by checking with the state’s licensing board.

Prices for car locksmiths vary depending on the type of service that you need performed. Generally, you are charged by the service, and the local locksmith will then calculate how much it cost you after the service has been completed. The service fee will be composed of the cost of the service call and the cost of the work itself. In some cases, it may be more economical to simply rekey your locks. This option is faster, cheaper, and can save you money on new locks. Often, the cost of rekeying a lock can be 50 percent lower than getting a new one.

If you have broken key inside the lock, you’ll need a locksmith. Broken keys can occur at any time and require immediate attention. You should call several different locksmiths and provide details about your vehicle and lock type. A locksmith can charge anywhere from $50 to $120 to unlock a car door. A car lockout can be a frustrating experience, so make sure to be prepared. If you’re not able to pay cash for a locksmith, a temporary car key can be procured at a local dealership.

If you need a new car key, you can also get a locksmith to re-program it for you. Auto locksmiths can even program key fobs to work with your car. This option is also much more affordable than going through the dealership’s expensive program. Usually, a car locksmith charges about half the cost of reprogramming a key fob at a dealership.