How Much Is a Locksmith Course?

how much is a locksmith course

If you are thinking of starting a locksmith business, one of the first questions you’ll have is how much is a locksmith course. The good news is that the costs of locksmith training and certification are fairly reasonable, especially when you consider the advantages of working in this vital industry. With high demand, steady pay, and a rapidly changing industry, locksmithing is a good choice. Just remember that you’ll need a clean criminal record, and that you must meet age requirements in your city before you can be licensed to work in this field.

The cost of the first class in your chosen locksmith course depends on the institute. The California Institute of Locksmithing, a Division of Friedman College, offers a 10-week course for as little as $4,775 (or $2,450 if you opt for the 10-day class). The cost of the program includes a certificate of completion and an apprenticeship certificate. Students must pay for basic tools and equipment, which will total $895.

A good locksmith training course should include key identification, key-making, and installing new locks. Courses should also cover lock-picking and automation systems. The course will teach you how to install new locks and master key systems. You’ll also learn about residential, commercial, and industrial locking systems. You’ll also learn about master keys, automation systems, and electrical locking systems. In short, you’ll learn how to create your own master key system.

The cost of a locksmith course depends on the location where you choose to train. Typically, an apprenticeship program costs $100-$1,000, but some locksmith training programs can be found online for as little as $400. The cost of a locksmith course will include mailed study materials and a tool kit. The Assured Locksmith Training course includes a training manual and DVD, as well as a key duplicator. Stratford Career Institute offers a similar course for $689. Upon completion, students will receive a diploma.

Certification for a locksmith can cost as little as $60. The Associated Locksmiths of America certifies locksmiths. A Certified Registered Locksmith certification, for example, requires a $100 computer-based exam and a $60 test fee. Apprenticeships typically pay between $10 and $15 an hour. If you’re a new locksmith, you may also be required to register with the state’s licensing board, which costs $75 to $300.

There are many different schools offering locksmith training and certification. Some offer training online and some are in person. Some states require locksmith certification, while others do not. Most online locksmith training courses cost between $400 and $1300. The price includes mailed tool kits and study materials. Many programs, like the Assured Locksmith Training, also come with a key duplicator, instructional DVD, and a manual. If you are planning on enrolling in a local locksmith program, the cost is definitely worth it!