5 Awesome Lock Types Our Locksmiths NYC Recommend You Should Use

Locks are critical for your home’s security. The safety of your home will be jeopardized if there is no proper lock or if your lock is prone to manipulation. However, before you choose the locks that are best suited to your purpose and needs, you must first understand the different types of locks available.

Nevertheless, for the a great choice and proper installation, one has to go to the best locksmith in NYC and you can always trust Your Local Locksmith NY for their proficiency, competence, reputation, and immense experience in this sector.

Types of locks that Your Local Locksmith NYC recommends are:

Jimmy Proof Deadbolts – Without a doubt, deadbolts provide the first level of security. Jimmy Proof Deadbolts, on the other hand, are thought to be superior because they provide stronger security and protect the home from break-ins.

Electronic locks are mostly used in the business world. These locks are mostly found in commercial structures. To control a person’s access, an access control system connects a door lock to a keypad, biometric scanner, or card reader.
Magnetic locks are commonly used in commercial properties. They are extremely strong and cannot be tampered with in any way.

Cam Locks– This type of lock is most commonly found in cabinet construction. These doors are extremely strong and do not allow for any tampering or break-in attempts.

Electric strikes are also popular in the commercial sector. There are also access control systems that allow you to check the access of different people and can be controlled from a distance.

If you have been thinking about installing the best lock system in your home or business, simply visit Your Local Locksmith NY, the most experienced locksmith in NYC, and get the best service. Call us now or you can also visit our website for all the other details.

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