Should I Replace My Lock Or Change It?

There are three terms that can cause confusion when contacting a locksmith: replacing locks, changing locks, and rekeying locks. Here’s what each means.

  • Replacing a lock is when a locksmith removes the old door lock hardware completely and replaces it with new hardware. The result is a new lock and new keys to open your door.
  • Changing a lock is the same as replacing it. The original locking door hardware is changed out for a newer version.
  • Rekeying a lock is when you keep your current lock hardware and have a locksmith alter the lock mechanism. After this is done, your old keys will no longer work and you’ll need new ones.

Often when a customer calls a locksmith and asks for a lock to be replaced or changed, what they really need is for their lock to be rekeyed. If all of the locks in your house open using the same key, you may want to opt for replacing locks, or if you’re unhappy with your current hardware because of its age or appearance, it might make sense to invest in changing them out.

Now that you’re clear on the terminology, here are reasons you may need to replace or rekey a lock:

You Lost Your Key or It’s Been Stolen

If you lost your key, most likely someone will find it and throw it away if it’s not attached to anything that identifies you as the owner, Still, it’s a good idea to get your lock rekeyed in this situation, just in case. And if your key was stolen, you should certainly get your door rekeyed as soon as possible to prevent a possible break-in.

You’ve Been Burglarized

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, if you’ve been burglarized, there’s a chance that the criminal tampered with your locks in order to easily get back in again. We offer a wide range of security services to help protect your home or business after a burglary, but the first line of defense is to change or rekey your lock.

Someone Has Moved Out

Whether it’s a roommate or a spouse, if there’s a chance the other person either has hard feelings or has shared a spare copy of their key without your knowledge, take the precaution of getting your lock rekeyed.

Someone Else Has Your Key and You Feel Uneasy About It

Trust your instincts. If you’ve given your key to a house cleaner, repair person, babysitter, or other service provider, it’s a good idea to rekey your lock if you no longer use their services. This also applies to businesses who have fired an employee. Even family members or friends who have a spare copy of your keys and you now have a conflict––if you feel uneasy about someone else having a house key, it can make you feel safer to have your lock replaced or rekeyed.

You’ve Just Moved In

Anytime you move to a new home––as long as you’re not a renter––you should rekey or replace your locks. This may be another occasion when you opt to replace your lock rather than rekey it. It can be nice to choose your own hardware and upgrade to something more modern and dependable, particularly in an older home.

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