Tips To Ensure Year-Round Safety To Your Car

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Grand theft auto is not a new thing in the United States. Every year at least a quarter of a hundred thousand cars are stolen. That is the number on the record. Who knows how many are not even registered to be stolen.

Locksmiths who have helped you out during a car lockout in 10023 advise you to follow these tips to keep your car safe all through the year. There is not a single place in the world where you can say your car is safe from being stolen.

No matter where you park it, the stakes of getting your car stolen are high. Here are some useful tips that you can follow to keep your car safe.

Hide your Car’s Key

We tend to leave keys in places that are accessible and easily spotted by us and thieves who plan on driving away with our cars. Sometimes we end up leaving the key hanging on the door. This makes our ride an easy target. Put them in a wallet, hang them around your neck or keep them stored in your vault.

Bolster Security

If you want to protect your car, make sure that you provide them with a high degree of security. We’re not asking to deploy the President’s security head. But to follow some simple measures that will keep your car safe.

Your service provider to car lockout in 10023 will suggest you keep your doors locked and windows sealed. Always check up on the alarm to ensure its functionality. Keep the car in the garage and not just park it on the driveway. Park at a place that has security cameras and guards know whose cars are parked.

Install cameras on the Car

Having a dash cam is very helpful to find your car as they are connected to your phone. It will notify you if someone tampers with the car locks. You get to see the face of the person stealing your car. But have the same cameras latched to different parts to know everything about the convict.

Following these tips as stated by the car locksmith in 10023 will keep your car safe. Even if it’s stolen, then you will get to know the thief. Visit for more details on what locks you install to make it hard for the thief to open.