What Portland Oregon Fred Meyer Stores Have a Locksmith

You may be wondering what portland Oregon Fred Meyer stores have a locksmith. If so, you’re not alone. Despite their name, Fred Meyer stores are actually known for their locksmiths. Throughout the 1930s, they were a large part of downtown Portland. These stores were often more than a hundred years old, and some of them are still around today.

Many people who visit Fred Meyer stores have their locks changed by a locksmith, so they can’t get the same lock. Fred Meyer also traveled the country and inspected produce that would eventually end up in his stores. He even personally inspected grapefruits grown in Florida, which often traveled hundreds of miles before arriving at his store. Fred Meyer stores faced a tough time during World War II. Enlistment forced the stores to reduce their staff. They also struggled to keep their stores stocked, so they resorted to local networks for their supplies.

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