Which One is Cheaper to Program My Remote Car Key?

If you’re having trouble programming your car’s remote control, you may wonder whether it is cheaper to pay a locksmith or to program it yourself. The answer depends on your circumstances. If you frequently lose your key, you might save money by programming a spare key. Some models of cars even allow you to program a third key. A locksmith should have the proper tool to program the key. If not, you can search the internet for programming instructions.

Some car dealers offer this service at no cost, but some charge up to an hour for the job. You might find it easier to do it yourself if you bring all the equipment necessary for the job. Programming a remote car key can also be cheaper if the key is damaged or falls off the car. Usually, programming a remote car key costs between $220 and $500, depending on the make and model.

A cheap locksmith owns the tools needed for key programming. However, not all remotes require programming. In fact, most newer models do not have this feature and must be programmed by a professional. If you have trouble programming your remote car key yourself, you may want to take your car to a dealership. Regardless, automotive locksmiths offer better quality service and a lower cost.

The cost of programming a remote car key at a dealership is usually around $20 to $50. For the same service, a professional locksmith can do it for as little as $150. However, there are other places where you can get your car key programmed. For instance, you can take your old Mercedes to an automotive mechanic for $20, get a blank key, and then go to a locksmith to have it programmed.

Regardless of the cost, a spare key will give you peace of mind and save you money in the long run. Depending on the distance traveled, a locksmith may be more or less expensive than the cost of a new car key. When you are locked out, it can cost up to $1,000 to replace the locks on a vehicle. Regardless of whether it is cheaper to program your remote car key yourself, it’s still important to have a spare key available in case you misplace yours.

While a locksmith for a car dealership can reprogramme your key fobs, a locksmith will typically charge you much less. If you have a transponder key that includes a computer chip, it may cost more than a locksmith for car dealer, so you may want to consider this alternative if you don’t have the funds to pay a car dealership for this service.

It’s always best to choose a reliable locksmith if your car’s remote control requires programming. A locksmith has the proper equipment and training to program 99% of car keys. A locksmith may not be able to program late-model car keys, however, because the carmaker has not released the codes yet. If you’re in need of a duplicate key, make sure you choose the right one.