Why Does a Locksmith Stamp a Key?

If you’ve ever wondered why a locksmith stamps a key, you’re not alone. This practice has many origins. The method was used by locksmiths to prevent unauthorized key duplication, and it has proven to be effective. A locksmith who stamps a key knows how to copy a specific lock, so he or she will use these codes to prevent unauthorized copies. Listed below are some of the reasons why locksmiths stamp a key.

Some locksmiths choose to stamp keys with “Do Not Duplicate” messages to discourage people from copying them. These messages may seem to give the consumer a false sense of security, but the fact is that unauthorized copies are not any more secure than those without them. In reality, a “Do Not Duplicate” stamp doesn’t prevent someone from copying a key, it simply warns them not to.

Some locks are protected by a patent, and this means that they cannot be copied by other people. Locksmiths who stamp keys are required to use special tools and check with the owner before cutting them. However, cutting a key with a restricted stamp is not illegal – it’s merely a recommendation. These types of locks require specialized tools and techniques, and they can be difficult to duplicate. Therefore, only locksmiths are licensed to make duplicate keys for these vehicles.

Another reason why a locksmith stamps a key is to protect the manufacturer of the lock. Many locks are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, and the company may be free to replace the lock in the event of a lost or stolen key. Using a restricted key could void that warranty. In some cases, it is illegal to duplicate a key with a restricted key, and the penalties can be high.

Some keys have a code number. Often, this code is printed on a key. When a locksmith cuts a key with a code number, they can quickly identify it by the number, which is a published code. A locksmith must be trained to cut keys by code, which is why they stamp the keys in the first place. You can also ask a locksmith to cut keys without a code number.

For places with more than one lock, a stamped key will ensure the right one is available. A locksmith stamp set is a good investment, as it includes letters, numbers, and popular phrases. These stamps will also make the key more easily distinguishable. The purpose of a locksmith stamping key is to keep a key secure and prevent unauthorized copies. But there are many more benefits, so why would a locksmith stamp a key?