Why You Need a Fireproof Door for Your Emergency Exit Palace

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Installing emergency door in your residential building requires ensuring you install a fireproof door. The last place you want the fire to reach is the exit and that is why keeping this kind of door is good for the safety of everyone.

Good news is your trusted locksmith in NYC – Your Local Locksmith can provide your all information and assistance in understanding the importance of installing a fireproof door in your house!

Here are the benefits of having a fireproof door installed in all rooms of your house.

Smoke Proof 

Fire resistant doors are very smoke proof. They are known to keep the toxic elements inside. The elements pose a serious threat to anyone who inhales them and that is the reason why any skilled locksmith in NYC prefers to have a smoke proof door. The doors buy the victims enough time to escape while they breathe in clean air and not carbonated smoke particles.

Expansion & Contraction 

Fire doors are known to expand under high heat. A reliable Locksmith in NYC will definitely say the fireproof doors are efficient in dealing temperature changes. It closes the gaps that keep the fire inside.

The doors contract when the temperature subsides and shrinks back to its normal shape. This contraction and expansion is not visible to our naked eyes. But it lasts for an hour. This span gives enough windows for the firemen to arrive and bring the fire under control.

Sound Proof 

These doors are sound proof because of the thick fire resistant insulation that keeps both sound and fire under good control. The doors are made of thick wood which is another reason why the sound waves die down before getting out of the room. If you have a music band or conduct dance classes in a multi-storied residential apartment then these doors are the best for you as recommended by the locksmith in NYC.

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