Access Control

Access Control Installation in New York City

Access control systems are exactly what they sound like: security systems installed by professionals that allow access to those you want to permit entry to and deny entrance to everyone else.

These systems are most often used in a business setting, but residential buildings use access control systems as well.

While these systems are much more secure than the traditional lock and key access of days gone by, they’re also a lot more complicated to install, which is why it’s important to do your research and hire a firm that has experienced, reliable security and IT professionals to do the work.

When we’re talking about access control systems, we’re referring to one of the following:

Proximity Reader

A proximity reader access control system involves using microchipped cards that grant holders access. A reader installed near the door “reads” this microchip when it is held a close distance away and unlocks the door for the holder. These systems are commonly used in hospitals and businesses.

Keypad Access Control

Occasionally used in private homes, keypad access is most often utilized in schools and businesses. The keypads connect to door locks, deadbolts or IP connected pin pads and then are sometimes paired with biometrics that record attendance for employees.

The downside of this type of access control system is that pin numbers need to be changed often and some people may forget them easily.

Magnetic Card Reader

This type of access control system is similar to the proximity card, but rather than holding a microchipped card near a reader, this system utilizes cards that are swiped; the magnetic strips are read and then holders are allowed into the building or room.

Biometric Access Control

Biometrics are the cutting edge when it comes to access control systems. Biometric security uses fingerprint readers, retinal eye scanners, and facial recognition technology to allow access.

This type of system is ideal for highly sensitive areas that need to be extra secure, like laboratories. In addition to security professionals, IT staff will also be needed for the installation of this type of device.

Intercom Access

If you’ve lived in an apartment, you’ve likely dealt with an intercom access system. It allows visitors to buzz the apartment they’re visiting and talk with the resident; the resident can then choose to allow the visitor access by remotely unlocking the door via a button on their intercom or their phone. Most common in residential buildings, these types of systems are also used in schools and small commercial buildings as well.

Our qualified security professionals are highly skilled and happy to meet with you to discuss these options further to help you decide which access control system is right for your situation. You can have peace of mind knowing that all of our installers are licensed, certified, and extensively trained.

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