CCTV and Surveillance Camera Installation in New York City

Strong, reliable locks are the first step in securing your home or business. The next step is a burglar alarm. If you really want to maximize your security, though, go with a system that also includes surveillance in the form of a camera or CCTV monitoring. Not only does their mere presence deter theft, but if a burglary does occur, it makes capturing the culprits much easier.

Here are some types of surveillance cameras we install:

Digital Video Recorders

These types of systems retain video for a specified amount of time, with the ability to record in HD-quality. Some even include the option of reviewing video right from your mobile phone.

Hidden Cameras

These cameras, sometimes known as spy cameras, can be hidden in household items and used to monitor employees, contractors, caretakers, and customers. Always be sure to abide by laws regarding filming others before using these types of systems.

Nanny Cameras

When you hire a nanny or a babysitter, you’re entrusting them with the welfare of your children. For your peace of mind, we offer cameras that can monitor caretakers while they’re in your home. Many of these systems also allow you to watch in real-time, which can be comforting to parents of young babies.

Wireless Cameras

Wireless cameras are increasingly preferred by our customers because of their ease of installation and flexibility. They’re ideal for locations where running cable isn’t a possibility. Wi-Fi adapters can broadcast video wirelessly up to 2 miles.

Once you’ve set up an appointment to go over your needs, we can decide which type of surveillance camera is best for your situation. We also offer the following upgrade options:

Vandal-Proof Cameras

You’ve probably seen footage on TV where an intruder enters a building and immediately smashes or otherwise disables the security camera. Take your security to the next level by installing a vandal-proof camera. These cameras have a hard metal base and are wrapped in tamper-proof polycarbonate plastic for maximum durability.

All Weather Cameras

If your security camera is installed outdoors, you’ll want an all weather camera. These security cameras stand up to heat and humidity in the summer as well as freezing temperatures in the winter.

Day and Night Cameras

These cameras operate as a typical color camera during daylight hours and they also have night vision capabilities for low-light conditions.

Our experienced security professionals are highly skilled and ready to meet with you to discuss these options further and help you determine which type of camera surveillance is right for your home or business. All of our installers are licensed, certified, and extensively trained. Because we take security seriously, you can have peace of mind knowing that our staff members receive background checks before being hired. Call us at (347) 801-2481 and one of our schedulers will set up an appointment or give you an approximate quote. We look forward to working with you.