Window Gates

Window Gate Installation in New York City

Window gates, also known as window bars, are one of the best security solutions for homes and businesses in high theft areas. Thieves always opt for the path of least resistance–rather than sawing through iron bars or trying to unbolt them and risk getting caught, they’re more likely to find another home or retailer to rob that doesn’t have window gates. While it’s clear why they’re an effective deterrent when it comes to theft, many of our residential customers wonder about the aesthetics of having window gates.

Won’t Window Gates Look Ugly on My Windows?

It’s a reasonable question, and one that we can answer confidently: we offer a wide array of window gates and many of them are made with ornamental wrought iron that actually adds to the visual appeal of a home. While you’ll pay a little extra for the more decorative options, it can be worth it when you’re putting window grilles on your home. Typically such window gates are only installed on ground floor and basement windows where access is a concern; for a basement window, you’ll want to use swing away bars that are secured with an interior lock to allow for emergency egress.

While it’s true that you can purchase security bars at local improvement stores, for maximum safety, it’s best to consult with a home security expert to decide which type of window gate is right for your situation and then have the same firm install the gates. To install window bars, a pair of brackets will be mounted on either side of the window in question; the individual bars will be bolted into these secure anchors. Local fire code may dictate the type of window gate used and how it is installed so again, it’s best to hire the job out to an experienced home security provider that is familiar with these codes.

Window Gates for Your Business

For businesses and retail locations, aesthetics matter a little bit less. We can install permanent window gates for your business, but in the case of retail, the large glass windows usually dictate a different solution: removable window gates. These fold away or are removed altogether during the day and slipped into place at night, when a business is closed and needs to be protected from thieves and vandals.

Window Gates Provide Safety

There’s another reason to install window gates, particularly in a home: for the safety of children. New York City is full of multi-story and high rise residential buildings. As a landlord or homeowner, you want to ensure the safety of all residents, particularly the smallest ones. No one wants to think about it, but it’s so easy for a young child to open up a window and lean out. A childproof window gate gives parents and caregivers peace of mind; windows with safety devices and childproof locks are also mandated by local building codes.

If you already have home or commercial window gates and need repair or replacement, we can do that as well, even if we’re not the ones who did the initial installation.

You’ve made the decision that window gates are right for your home or business; the next step is giving us a call at (347) 801-2481. One of our schedulers will set up an appointment for you to meet with a qualified home security expert to discuss security bar options and prices. All of our installers are licensed, insured, and highly trained, so you can feel confident knowing your home or business is in good hands.