Secure Mailbox Installation in New York City

Locksmiths provide mailbox installation and repair for both commercial businesses, houses, and multi-family residential buildings. When you use a locksmith service for your mailbox needs, you can feel confident knowing that your mail is protected against tampering and theft.

Is your existing mailbox looking its age? Maybe it’s faded from sun damage or the paint has started chipping off. Perhaps your mailbox has been vandalized or otherwise damaged. Because a mailbox has a prominent place in front of your home, a new mailbox can give your residence a welcome boost in curb appeal.

There are many mailbox options for homes and businesses and the good news is that we install and service most of them. Here’s a quick rundown of different mailbox types:

Roadside Mailboxes

Here in New York City, these types of mailboxes aren’t very common. But if you have a post-mounted mailbox located curbside, we can replace or repair it when needed. A caveat with these types of mailboxes: because they’re placed away from the home, theft can be a concern and a lock might be a wise addition. Interlocking latches are often added as well to keep the door shut and rain or snow out.

Wall-Mounted Mailboxes

These mailboxes are secured to the exterior walls of homes, usually just outside the front door. While most of these types of boxes are not manufactured with a lock, there are some styles that come complete with a lock and key.

Wall-Mounted Apartment Mailboxes

Usually installed in the lobby or entryway of a multi-unit residential building, these mailboxes are securely locked to keep mail from being stolen. Rather than having to go up and down apartment hallways delivering mail to each resident, they allow mail carriers to quickly and efficiently deliver mail to residents all in one central location.

Pedestal-Mounted Mailboxes

Often found in communities of townhomes, these metal boxes are mounted on a pole or pedestal and are subdivided into separate locked boxes for each resident.

Mail Collection Boxes

Also found in multi-unit residential buildings, these are secure boxes for residents to drop their outgoing mail. Only the mail carrier and perhaps the building owner holds the keys for these types of mailboxes to protect against theft.

Our mailboxes come in a wide variety of materials to match any aesthetic–durable plastic, heavy-duty metal, and even wood. Where theft is a concern, we offer residential and commercial mailboxes that lock, have anti-pry features, and are tamper-proof.

In addition to replacing and installing new mailboxes, we also offer our locksmith services for mailboxes too. If your mailbox lock is damaged or broken and needs to be fixed, give us a call and we will take care of it.

Ready to move forward with our expert locksmiths and mailbox installers? Give us a call at (347) 801-2481 and our scheduler will set up an appointment. We’ll listen to your needs and tailor a solution just for you to make sure your mail is safe and secure from both theft and the elements.