What Keys Cant a Locksmith Copy?

If you have duplicate keys, you might be wondering what keys can’t a locksmith copy? If so, you’re not alone. Many homeowners and business owners are wondering whether it’s legal for a locksmith to duplicate their keys. If so, there are two general categories of duplicate keys: ones that can’t be copied and those that can. While locksmiths can copy most keys, there are certain ones that require more work.

There are several reasons why you shouldn’t trust your local locksmith to duplicate your keys. For one thing, some keys can’t be duplicated, including those that are marked as “Do Not Duplicate.” For these, the manufacturer of the key stamps “Do Not Copy.” While this is an unnecessary restriction, it’s a good idea to keep it in mind. A locksmith may not have the proper equipment to copy a particular key, but they can usually provide a copy if you need it.

A key duplicator is a machine that a locksmith uses to copy a particular key. To make a copy, a locksmith will put the original key on the blade side and the blank key on the alignment tool’s other side. Then, the locksmith will use a key gauge to determine the depth of the original cuts. This machine is an industry standard and is very accurate. In addition, it is easy to use and dependable.

Some keys are more difficult to copy than others. A locksmith may have to duplicate restricted keys using special equipment. These keys contain a patent-protected design. The manufacturer of a specialized lock or key system will not allow someone to duplicate these keys without their permission. Any attempt to copy a restricted key may result in hefty fines. The penalties for violating a patent are up to ten thousand dollars.

Restrictions on key duplication are a very real concern. While most lock and key are easy to copy, businesses that use key-controlled keys will have to spend a lot of money to protect them. To keep their property safe and secure, they need to have strict key controls in place. If you do not know who owns a particular key, it may be possible for another employee to make a duplicate.

There are also automated key machines on the market that can duplicate many different types of keys. Automated key machines can copy standard business keys, but they ignore the DND stamp. Locksmiths can duplicate DND keys for a fraction of the cost. These machines are the latest security measure. But if you are worried about security, consider having your locks upgraded. Using high-quality locks will help prevent theft and key duplication.

If you need to have your keys duplicated, make sure the locksmith knows the exact specifications of the keys you have. Locksmiths can only copy restricted keys if they have the appropriate documentation. Some will even require documentation before accepting the job. If the keys are restricted, you may need to provide a copy of your ID or another key to ensure they are making the right one. There are other ways to protect your property, but this should be the last option.