Dealers Or a Locksmith Who Programs Keys For Cars

If you have lost your car keys, a dealer or a locksmith who programs keys for cars can make a duplicate for you for a much cheaper price. In addition, these experts will be able to program car keys with the transponder security feature to prevent unauthorized entry. Having a spare key handy is especially useful if you are out of town and do not want to drive without it.

When replacing keys in your car, many people turn to the dealership for the service. Often, this option is not affordable for many people. But, these places tend to be crowded and overcharge. Before, car dealerships refused to share programming codes with locksmiths, as it would put them in a competitive position. However, now, most locksmiths are equipped with specific codes that they can program keys for cars at a fair price.

The process of programming keys for cars involves professional locksmiths purchasing programming equipment and connecting it to a car’s computer through an OBD port. The OBD port is commonly located under the dashboard. Locksmiths connect a computer with the appropriate software to the OBD port. They use commercially available software to program car keys. This software also allows the locksmith to remove the old key, which is ideal if the key has been misplaced or lost.

Transponder keys are more expensive than basic keys. A dealer will charge around $160 for a transponder key or a transponder fob and may take an hour of labor to do so. If you are lucky, your locksmith can save you at least $30 by using a programming machine. There are a variety of ways to program transponder keys for cars. Whether you need one key programmed or a whole new set, you’ll find a locksmith or dealer who can do the job for you.

In most cases, a dealership will charge more than a locksmith for the same service. Even if it’s a simple replacement, a locksmith can make specialty keys for your car for a fraction of the dealership’s price. Automotive locksmiths have the necessary tools and experience to do this job efficiently, and they’ll be more affordable than the dealership would be. For these services, a locksmith will often charge you less than half the price of a dealership.

While there are many ways to program a car’s transponder, the process is often quite complicated and expensive. While mechanical keys can be made for under $10, today’s vehicles are computerized and require a chip-integrated key to start them. Without this computer chip, they won’t start the car. These keys are now easier to make than ever before, and many manufacturers are using them for their cars.